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1. Welcome Aboard Kingfisher Airlines

Welcome aboard an experience like you’ve never had before. The Kingfisher Class experience aims to take air travel beyond just getting from here to there. Every individual trained and every procedure designed to delight you in a way you’ve never really expected from an airline.

Efficient yet Warm. Stylish yet Comfortable. And convenience in-built at every step. In short, it’s the best of all possible airline worlds. In one exhilarating Kingfisher Class experience that begins well before you step onto our Funliner and continues well after you reach your destination.

2. Welcome Aboard Jet Airways

India's Finest International Airline.

Jet Airways, India's most preferred airline, is now giving the world a better choice in the skies.

The airline operates over 340 flights daily across 44 destinations within India and also operates flights to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Thailand, Belgium, United States of America & Canada on one of the youngest and best maintained fleets. Jet Airways plans to extend its international operations further in North America, Europe, Africa & Asia in the coming years with the induction of wide-body aircraft into its fleet.

3. Spice Jet

Spice Jet has chosen a single aircraft type fleet which allows for greater efficiency in maintenance and supports the low-cost structure. And when it came to selecting this single aircraft fleet Spice Jet has opted for new generation Boeing 737-800s.

These 189 seater aircraft will allow for safe, comfortable and efficient flying and are ideally suited for short to medium haul flights in Indian conditions.

4. About Air Deccan

Air Deccan, India’s largest and fastest growing low cost carrier, began operations in August 2003 with 1 aircraft and 4 flights a day and is today the fastest growing airline flying over 350 flights a day, spanning the length and breadth of the country while connecting 65 destinations. Air Deccan has the largest network in India and is presently operating a modern fleet of 44 aircraft.

Air Deccan provides affordable air travel at very low costs to the common man and its vision is to ‘empower every Indian to fly’. Air Deccan flies to a number of destinations, including unconnected sectors like Hubli, Belgaum, Vijayawada, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Kanpur, Tuticorin, Hampi, Kandla, Kullu, Rajahmundry and Pathankot. Air Deccan plans to penetrate extensively into the deeper pockets of the country and provide low cost connectivity to all towns including the ones in the remote interiors.

5. Indian Airlines

Today, Indian Airlines, together with its fully owned subsidiary Alliance Air, has a fleet of 70 aircraft (3 wide bodied airbus A300s, 47 fly-by-wire airbus A320s, 3 Airbus A319s, 11 Boeing 737s, 2 Dornier Do-228 aircraft and 4 ATR-42. IA has already placed order for 43 new aircraft (i.e. 19 A319s, 4 A320s & 21 A321s), and their induction in IAL is expected to commence w.e.f. November, 2006.

Indian Airlines has been setting the standards for civil aviation in India since its inception in 1953. It has many firsts to its credit, including introduction of the wide bodied A300 aircraft on the domestic network, the fly-by-wire A320, domestic shuttle service, walk in flights and easy fares. Its unique logo emblazoned on the tails of all its aircraft has become synonymous with service, efficiency and reliability.

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